Top 4 Spots to Go Hiking This Spring
By Emily Hunter | 02/28/2023 | Family, Outdoor Adventure, Sports, Things to Do, Trails


With spring right around the corner, it's the perfect time to hit the trails! The Heart of the Rogue has a wealth of incredible sights for you to explore, from a tranquil park stroll to hitting the trails. Located near the rugged Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains, Medford boasts countless trails just minutes away. From Oregon’s only national park to the towering Table Rocks - discover Medford’s top hiking spots this spring!

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The perfect hike for any level, Hobart Bluff offers incredible views of the Heart of the Rogue and an easy taste of the Pacific Crest Trail. The trail is truly magical, sprinkled with beautiful wildflowers, oak woods and peaceful meadow slopes. Discover wide-ranging viewpoints of the Oregon Cascades and Crater Lake national park, as well as the beautiful valley floor. The hike is also a Mardon Skipper (Polites Mardon) habitat - a rare butterfly only found in Washington, Oregon and California! With its beautiful wildlife and incredible views, Hobart Bluff is the perfect place to begin your spring hiking journey.

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Gracing the Ashland Skyline and opening up to the valley, Grizzly Peak offers outdoor adventurers a classic ridgeline hike with stellar views across the entire Rogue Valley. The entire mountain features blooming purple flowers throughout the springtime, and a variety of trees, small plants and forest creatures. Grizzly Peak offers a short world class hike just a half hour or so drive away from Medford on an almost entirely paved access road. From North to South, you can see almost the entirety of the Rogue Valley starting with Pilot Rock & Mt Shasta, and ending all the way to where the Rogue River curves into its canyon near Lower Table Rock. You’ll have this view for over a mile as you complete the loop. Breathe in the rich geology, fabulous views and rich colors of the florals on this fantastic hike in the Heart of the Rogue!

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Winding through the contours of the Siskiyou Mountains, Sterling Creek offers an enchanted hiking experience you won’t forget. Opening up to beautiful views of the mountains hugging the valley, the patchwork of the rogue presents you with a stunning display. There are three main trailheads, offering a total of 18 miles of exploration for you to enjoy. All three trails are also respectively flat, with Grub Gulch being steep in the beginning but leveling out quickly. Discover remnants of pioneer mining activity, expansive views and lush forestry when you explore this beautiful hidden gem in Medford.

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What spring hiking list would be complete without the iconic Table Rocks? One of the most popular hikes in the valley, the Table Rocks bloom beautifully in the spring, and feature unique, plateaued tops allowing for 360 degree views of the Heart of the Rogue. Vernal pools fill throughout the rainy season, allowing for other-wordly beauty and inhabited species to thrive. The dwarf woolly meadowfoam, a species of wildflower, grows around these pools and nowhere else in the world. The pools are also one of only a few places where the threatened species of fairy shrimp can be found. This, among the history and raw beauty of the rocks, are why the hikes are protected land (therefore, pups must stay home on this hike). Like all hiking adventures, leave no trace and be respectful of the raw and beautiful land!

With its lush forests, winding rivers, and breathtaking mountain views, Medford has some of the most scenic hiking and biking locations in the state. Ready to take your adventure on two wheels? Discover the top locations to bike - right here in the Heart of the Rogue!

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