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The Wild & Scenic Rogue River travels through the heart of the rugged Southern Oregon wilderness, filled with deep history along each stretch and edge. Beginning in the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness at Boundary Springs, the mighty river flows for 215 miles before emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

The legendary Rogue River is well-known for its nationally-recognized steelhead and salmon fishing, as well as its attractions  Discover all your heart's desire, from whitewater river rafting, fishing, hiking, and exploration that is nothing less than rogue.

In the mid-1800’s, the Rogue River country was the site of the state’s largest gold rush, and in turn a bitter conflict between Native people and white settlers, the Rogue River Wars

In late 1851, stories of gold and pelts drew people to the Rogue River area. Following the discovery of gold along the river, the Rogue was flooded with thousands of settlers. Over $70 million worth of gold was panned and collected throughout the gold rush period. Mining elements — including pipe, flumes and stamp mills — can still be found today.

Though many different tribes lived in the area, they were grouped together as the Rogue River Indians. Given their name as the “Rogue Indians,” the name River of the Rogues was created, which was shortened to the Rogue River. With the opening of the Oregon Trail, the war ended gruesomely as settlers and miners consumed the natural resources the tribes survived on. The Tolowa and Takelma people were forced onto reservation lands, where many of them died of disease, lack of local and proper food and water, and a loss of their culture. 

While filled with imperfection and times of war and peace, the history of the Rogue River is important to many who wish to experience the canyon. Through the flaws of time, travelers can discover and appreciate the tales of those who inhabited these lands and what took place there.

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Located on the banks of the Rogue River, Rogue Jet Boat Adventures offers professionally guided adventures for a complete Oregon experience. Packed full of spectacular scenery, rich history, wildlife viewing and, of course, the thrill of jet boating, this is the perfect way to traverse the waters of the Rogue. Jet boat tours also include a 45-minute stop at Discovery Park, a beautiful private island beneath the cliffs of the Table Rocks. Once you’re there, the opportunities for activities are endless. Rent a paddle boat, stand-up board, inflatable boat or inner tube, or fishing pole for bass right off the docks. There are also shaded tables and hammocks for those seeking to relax amongst the beautiful scenery. Experience the Rogue River like no other, with a professional, thrilling guided tour.

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For the angler, the Wild and Scenic Rogue River is known worldwide as one of the most incredible places for fishing. Chinook king salmon, Coho silver salmon and both winter and summer steelhead make the Rogue River a premier angling destination. Fishing the Rogue is abundant all year round, with guided tours and excursions offered every season. Fishing the Rogue fishing guide tours offer trips along the Upper Rogue River, home to legendary fishing holes perfect for back bouncing, running plugs, side-drifting, bobber and fly fishing!

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Rafting on the Rogue River


Adventurers can also immerse themselves in the beauty of the river by riding along its wild rapids. Rogue Rafting Company offers professionally guided whitewater rafting and fishing tours, allowing adventurers to traverse the currents of the river and build their skills with confidence. With single and multi-day trips available, fall in love riding down the Rogue River in an inflatable raft, making memories, and leaving your mark on Southern Oregon’s most famous river.

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Hiking lovers can strap on their boots and walk along the breathtaking rapids.  Create your own hiking trip, and see the beauties of the river at your own pace. Perfect for families and friends alike, hiking the Rogue River is one of the many beautiful ways to experience the river and wildlife in an intimate way.

Whether you choose to hike, raft or jet boat along the river, experience the rugged beauty and rich history of the Rogue River.

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The Rogue River is one of eight rivers established with the passage of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. Lined with evergreen forest and abundant wildlife, the Rogue River has two Congressionally-designated National Wild and Scenic sections — the Wild & Scenic Upper Rogue River and the Wild & Scenic Lower Rogue River.

The Lower Rogue River was one of the original rivers designated under the Act. This portion of the river extends from the mouth of the Applegate River to the Lobster Creek Bridge, totaling 84 miles. Signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson, the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act was created to preserve rivers with outstanding natural, cultural and recreational values for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

The Rogue River Basin Project lies within the northeastern part of the Rogue River, and  consists of construction, rehabilitation, and improvement of irrigation facilities throughout Medford. The work on the Medford and Rogue River Valley Irrigation Districts included rehabilitation and betterment of Fourmile Lake DamFish Lake Dam, and the numerous structures which are a part of the Main and Medford Canals.

Additionally, the project provides electric power from a 16,000-kilowatt hydroelectric Green Springs Powerplant, vital to meeting the expanding power demands of Oregon and northern California.

Home to some of the most biologically diverse and undeveloped lands in the country, protecting the Rogue River is vital to the wildlife ecosystem of the valley. Coho salmon, listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, among other fish living throughout the river, depend on cold, clean water in the Rogue to survive. On the way to the ocean, the waters of the Rogue flow through national forests, industrial timberlands, cities and farming lands. The health of the Rogue is threatened by harmful logging practices, over-allocation, and pollutants from city and agricultural runoff.

These waters also are an important source of drinking water. Across the Rogue watershed, 154,320 people in Jackson, Josephine, and Curry counties rely on small headwater streams drinking water. Statewide, nearly 45 percent of Oregonians rely on these waters for their drinking water.

Travelers and adventurers of all locks can stand up to defend and protect our rivers by reporting pollution, supporting the Clean Water Act and making donations to organizations that keep the river clean and healthy. Visitors can also support the Oregon Recreation Enhancement Act to safeguard the fish and wildlife that call the Rogue River home, as well as a world-class fishinghikingwhitewater rafting and jet boating playground. The Heart of the Rogue is your outdoor oasis, help us keep it that way for generations to come! 

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Filled with tales and rich with history, the Rogue River stands as a powerful crown jewel in the Heart of the Rogue. Outdoor enthusiasts of all types travel to experience a taste of the legendary swimming holeswhitewater rapids and year-round fishing that would make any angler believe they reached paradise. The future of the Rogue River waits to be written, with the upcoming chapters created by the next generation of all those seeking to take their adventures rogue.

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