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There are very few things that can compare to summer in the Rogue Valley. The sun rises early, sets late, and the weather in between is nothing short of perfect. However, it’s not just the simply the ideal weather that makes our area a summer getaway. The Rogue Valley has several restaurants, breweries, and activities to enjoy, leaving only one question to be answered; how will you spend these long summer days. Some will golf, others will swim, and some will head out to explore the beautiful scenic views the Rogue Valley has to offer. But if for some reason, none of those seem to interest you, let the Southern Oregon Sports Direction point you in the direction of a fun activity for the whole family, and for all ages, to enjoy. And that activity is Pickleball!

What is Pickleball?

            Imagine if badminton, ping pong, and tennis all go together and created a new sport; that sport would be pickle ball. Played with a paddle and a plastic wiffel like ball, pickleball can be played either as singles or doubles, and can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. The objective is similar to that of its predecessors, opponents volley the ball over the net until one side is unable to do so in a legal manner. Points are then accrued until one player emerges victorious. Both the court and the net are smaller than those of Tennis, but the general layout remains the same. For more on the basics of pickle ball, visit

Where Can I Play?

            There are several areas in the Medford and Central Point areas that offer courts where individuals can participate in pickle ball games. One popular outside location for each city is but Twin Creeks Park for Central Point, and Fitchner Mainwaring Park in Medford. In additional, both parks and recreation departments offer classes and leagues for pickleball.  These vary in time and commitment, based on the age and skill of the participant. For more information on how to sign up for a pickle ball class today, visit either or

What If I Get Really Good?

            Pickle ball is growing in many areas across the U.S., and even the world as a whole, not just within the Rogue Valley. People often travel to participate in or be a spectator at pickle ball tournaments in various host cities. The Southern Oregon Pickle ball Association is our local chapter of pickle ball enthusiast, and they are an excellent resource for players of all skill levels, particularly players looking to make the jump from the recreational side of the sport to the competitive end. Their website is full or places to play, leagues to join, and tournament to register for. For more information on all things pickle ball visit

The Ball is in Your Court

            Pickle ball is a fun, easy was to get outside this summer and enjoy the beautiful weather, in addition to some exercise and friendly competition. Participants of all ages are welcome, with opportunities to play at almost every park in the Rogue Valley. Serves up, we’ll see you there.

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