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By Emily Hunter | 06/14/2022 | Family, Favorite Trails, Lakes & Rivers, Outdoor Activities, Outdoor Adventure, Swimming, Things to Do, Trails


Looking for a way to stay cool this summer? Soak in majestic views and the spray of incredible waterfalls at one of the many locations the Heart of the Rogue has to offer!

toketee Falls

Carved through ancient lava flow, the North Umpqua River created a beautiful, two-tiered gorge famously known as Toketee Falls. One of the most famous waterfalls in Oregon, the graceful falls plunge 113 feet into a large pool, where many visit and some even dare to take a cool swim. The trail is just under a mile, perfect for family and friend outings, dog walking, wildflower viewing and all levels of hiking expertise. If you’re traveling to the Heart of the Rogue, you won’t want to miss this astounding gem!

2 hours from Medford | 167-foot elevation gain | 0.9 miles out & back

A more local gem, Canyon Falls offers a number of small yet elegant falls along its large network of trails in Forest Park. The further you hike along the trail, the more you will discover, with park benches perfect for picnics or simply enjoying the scenery. If you’d like a longer journey, this trail connects to the Twin Peaks trail, and the Slip n’ Slide mountain biking trail. No matter what you choose to do, Forest Park is one of the many great locations for hikers and bikers alike!

20 minutes from Medford | 26-foot elevation gain | 0.1 miles to connecting trails

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Beginning at the Natural Bridge area and hugging the Rogue River, Knob Falls offers a wealth of activities for you to enjoy. Just 3-miles roundtrip, the double-tiered falls swoop over rock and through grand forestry on either side. Along your journey, you will also come across what is known as “The Cave,” with thousands of gallons of water circulating in and out of a gaping lava tube. With several beaches to put your toes in the water, picnic or fish, this location offers the perfect way to spend an afternoon exploring the natural wonders of the Heart of the Rogue.

1 hour from Medford | 250-foot elevation gain | 3 miles roundtrip

Cascading down into a deep pool, Lost Falls plunging into Bybee Gulch is a must-see. There are various vantage points to view the falls, including even wading right up to it in the water! Wear proper shoes and use caution when walking down to the falls, as the water can make the trail slippery at times.

Whether you’re looking for an exciting hike, or to cool off under the cover of a waterfall, Lost Creek Falls and Bybee Gulch is a wonderful location for adventurers of all types!

52 minutes from Medford | 950-foot elevation gain | 4.2-mile full loop

Crowfoot falls

Swim and play inside this unique, calm waterfall and creek just 45 minutes from the Heart of the Rogue. With sandy beaches to rest or picnic, you can bring the whole family to enjoy the shade or swim in the sunshine. The shallow waters are perfect for wading in, and fitting for floating on innertubes without worrying about drifting downstream. However, be cautious of slippery rocks and underwater objects, as the deepest parts of the creek lie closest to the falls.

Crowfoot Creek offers a special slice of paradise for group gatherings and the solo traveler, with safe falls that you can walk right up to without a care in the world.

45 minutes from Medford

Barr Creek Falls in Prospect Oregon, waterfalls, hike, bike, hiking and biking in medford, adventure

This large, gaping waterfall surrounded by large forestry creates the perfect summer escape for any traveler. Nestled into the foothills of the Cascade Mountains near the base of Mt. McLoughlin, the large basalt ledge pours into a calm stream. Wade into the waters to cool off, or simply enjoy its beauty along the trail, just 45 minutes from Medford.

45 minutes from Medford | 320-foot elevation gain | 1.1 mile loop

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If you are looking to hit several waterfalls in one day, these two waterfalls are not only astounding, but conveniently nestled close together. The mighty Mill Creek falls is 173 feet tall, with a ferocious flow over a vertical cliff into the Rogue River. A bit further down, Barr Creek falls lies at 242 feet tall with a lighter, more graceful descent into the rushing rogue. Each trail features beautiful viewpoints for you to enjoy, with an abundance of surrounding beauty just waiting for you to take it in.

Just minutes from each of these falls is the wonder that is the Rogue River Gorge. View beautiful rapids and cascading falls as the Wild & Scenic Rogue River becomes swallowed by underground lava tubes. There are endless trails you can follow, with ranges of sights and historic features to marvel at along the way. From Crater Rim trail on your way to Crater Lake, to the Natural and River Bridge trails, become lost in the beautiful forestry and the sounds of rushing rapids. Each trail features something new, including historic signage and cascading drops as the water falls from the edges of the riverbanks.

1 hour from Medford | distance and elevation gain vary on chosen trail

Also close to Mill & Barr Creek falls lives Pearsony falls - a graceful, cascading waterfall well known for its picturesque scenery. The falls have several tiers before joining the river, with trees and life all around it. When you take the short hike to discover the falls, you will find that there are many hidden surprises nearby. Large rocks along the river formed what is known as the Avenue of the Giant Boulders, and many cascades along the Rogue River known as “Rogue Falls.”

1 hour from Medford | 150-foot elevation gain | 0.25 miles to falls, 1.2 miles to Rogue River Gorge

Cross footbridges and discover lovely wildflowers along this local’s favorite trail. Fit for hikers of all levels, mountain bikers, dog walkers and even equestrians, this 5.1-mile trail is not one to miss. The quiet creek follows you along your journey until you reach the falls. The water is beautifully crystal, and pours over into a small pool as it makes its way to eventually join the river. The falls can be viewed from all angles, and hikers can even climb down to get a closer view of the falls during the summer months when it’s less slippery. Enjoy this longer, peaceful hike, and the rewarding view of the falls at the end!

1.5 hours from Medford | 974-foot elevation gain | 5.1 miles out & back

The Heart of the Rogue overflows with possibilities and wonders for you to enjoy. The best part is - we have only begun to explore the rugged rogue’s bounty! Explore world-class rapids, fishing and legendary swimming holes just steps away from some of these falls at the Wild & Scenic Rogue River! Nationally recognized for its attractions, fill your heart with outdoor adventure this summer.

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