paragliding, woodrat mountain, things to do in Medford, sportsground, ultimate sports
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“It’s such a sublime and magical thing, to be able to surf invisible currents in the sky using only string and cloth.” -Will Taylor, local tandem pilot

paragliding, woodrat mountain, things to do in Medford, sportsground, ultimate sports

Every year, colorful gliders drift through the valley skies from one of the nation’s top destinations for paragliding and hang gliding - Woodrat Mountain. A locally and legendarily known sports destination, Woodrat Mountain offers the opportunity of flight to both the trained and inexperienced pilot. Learn more about how you can partake in this extraordinary experience, and why this mountain’s special characteristics make it a place worth traveling for.

Your journey begins at the top of the mountain, where you and your instructor will observe the weather, discuss the process of flying and, of course, enjoy the incredible view! Although it takes special training to fly solo, anyone can sign up for a tandem flight with a trained pilot. 

After assessing the positions and getting on the necessary gear - prepare to take to the skies! “Most folks know that there will be a nice view, but are often surprised to find themselves inserted into a previously unknown world above the ground–a world that can’t be seen but that has nonetheless become palpably and kinesthetically real.” - Will Taylor, local tandem pilot.

paragliding, woodrat mountain, things to do in Medford, sportsground, ultimate sports

Woodrat Mountain

Elevation: 4.4 miles round trip, 1,100-foot elevation gain 

Average Flight Time: 15-20 minutes; ideal conditions can allow up to 60 minute flights

Flight types: Thermal, XC, Glass-off

Glider Restrictions: “Speed” or “mini” wings are not permitted to use the Hunter LZ Launch

Optimal Season: Year-round; best in spring, summer, and early fall.

Cell Service: Good on launches but variable in LZs (Landing Zones) depending on carrier.

Pricing: $250 per person

Your average flight will be around 15-20 minutes, with ideal conditions lasting to about an hour - something special and specifically rogue. Flight is only taken in the most optimum conditions, with safety engineered as the main focus rather than performance. Even those usually fearful of heights aren’t usually triggered by paragliding, as there isn’t anything to fall off of! Fly freely as your pilot helps you soar through the air, over the mountains of the valley, immersed in the country’s clear skies. 

The Heart of the Rogue’s unique, consistent thermic conditions mean that pilots and their passengers can often enjoy longer, sustained flights as opposed to gliding straight toward the landing zone. The top of Woodrat Mountain makes the trip worth it alone - with incredible views of the Applegate and Rogue valleys. To fly off the mountain and be suspended above such a beautiful area is truly extraordinary - if we do say so ourselves.

Ready for takeoff? Here are just a few things you'll want to bring before you put on your wings.

Make sure to bring athletic shoes / boots, light gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, and clothing that covers your skin to prevent wind abrasion.

The surrounding terrain is complex, which makes for interesting challenges for experienced pilots and pilots working up their training hours. From valley systems to interacting ridges, the way Woodrat is situated makes it especially conducive to paragliding. As heat throughout the day is pushed towards the mountain peaks from the valley, those in flight are able to use those currents of air to spread their wings and take flight.

See the incredible rogue from an entirely new angle and ecosystem! Powered by the warmth of the air, become embraced by the peaceful, silent joy of being aloft. As the valley is spoiled with incredible conditions, you can schedule your flight any day of the week without any prior experience. Discover the Heart of the Rogue from its beautiful skies and friendly pilots - a truly remarkable experience you won’t find anywhere else!

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