Crater Lake National Park Is Now Open


Q: Can you swim in Crater Lake National Park?

A: You may swim in Crater Lake, but there is only one safe and legal trail to get to the water. Visitors can use Cleetwood Cove Trail to get to the beach and swim. Be prepared, the water may be colder than you expect!

Q: How long is the drive around Crater Lake?

A: There is a 33 mile loop that travels around Crater Lake, called Rim Drive. Keep in mind the road is curvy and mountainous and there are many vistas along the way to stop and take in the sites. While you can drive the loop without stopping, we wouldn't recommend it, you will miss all the fun!

Q: What city is Crater Lake National Park in?

A: Crater Lake is not technically in any city. It is about 80 miles from Medford on the beautiful and scenic Highway 62. 

Q: What is the best time of year to go to Crater Lake?

A: Crater Lake National Park is open year round at it's south entrance, accessible through Medford. If you are hoping to drive the Rim Drive or swim in the lake, a summer trip (Late June to Mid September) is the best time to visit. If you are up for some snow play there is sledding and backcountry snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling in the winter.  

Q: Does crater lake have fish in it?

A: Yes! There are Rainbow Trout and Kokanee Salmon. You may fish from the shore using artificial bait only. There is no limit to how many fish you can catch and no license is required.  

Q: What is so special & unique about Crater Lake?

A: You may have to experience it, to understand what makes Crater Lake so spectacular. Some say it is the crystal blue water, or the magical Wizard Island, or the Old Man of the Lake (a 30 foot tall tree stump that has been floating in lake since 1800s). When you visit, let us know what makes it special for you. 

Q: What can you do at Crater Lake?

A: Crater Lake National Park is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. In the summer, there is hiking, swimming, fishing, biking and plenty of animals to see. In the winter, bring your adventurous spirit and ski, snowboard or snowmobile in the beautiful backcountry.  

Q: Are the roads open to Crater Lake?

A: Conditions change rapidly in the park, especially in the winter. Always check with National Park Service before heading up to the lake. Their website is updated with the most current conditions in the park. 

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