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By Travel Medford | 06/17/2019 | Things to Do, Wine


Did you know that a wine glass is more that just a fancy way to serve your favorite wines?

At this year’s Oregon Wine Experience, Riedel is once again offering a wine glass seminar to not only expand your appreciation for Oregon’s talented growers and vintners, but to explain the benefits and best practices of pairing the right wines with the right glassware.

Led by a Riedel expert, this uniquely informative seminar offers a hands-on “guided tour” of wine glasses, covering the architecture of different wine glass stemware (so called because of the “stems” of the wine glasses) and the physics of the tasting experience as the stem, shape, rim, opening and even the glass or crystal surface all contribute to how you experience each sip of our region’s many-storied wines.

The actual taste of a wine begins with aromas and the classic tulip shape of a wine glass is specifically contoured to deliver the wine’s esters to the nose. Have you ever done the experiment where you plug your nose and try to taste different foods? Or recognized how a head cold can ruin a delicious dinner? Our sense of flavor actually begins with scent, and that aroma is an integral part of appreciating the nuances and flavor profiles of a fine wine experience.

The size and shape of a wine glass’s bowl and rim also serve to deliver each wine to the optimal location on your palate. So nuanced is this combination that Riedel now offers over seventy shapes and sizes in their gourmet wine glass collection, each tailored to a specific varietal. While there are several styles of excellent all-purpose wine glasses available, the Riedel seminar will help you improve your tasting experience and build your own best possible collection of glassware or crystal to showcase the wines you love. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to build your knowledge of these unsung heroes of any wine-tasting experience.

The seminar happens Wednesday, August 21 from 6 pm – 8 pm under the Big Tent at Bigham Knoll in Jacksonville. Tickets can be purchased at https://asantefoundation.ejoinme.org/WineU. Not only does the ticket include this fun and highly informative session but it also includes your own tasting set to take home.

But don’t take our word for it. Plan to attend “The Clarity of Crystal: Riedel Glass Seminar” at the Oregon Wine Experience this summer and see for yourself the impact the right glassware can make on your appreciation of Oregon’s world-class local wines.

It clearly makes a world of difference. 

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